A Company Town and Atlantis Ascending


A couple of years ago I read an early draft of my friend Jim Dunstan’s book Atlantis Ascending, about a young woman and her best friend’s recruitment to working on a solar power station in orbit. It was a lovely if alarming read, and it highlighted the perils of the company town. If your employer owns everything around you and is the source of your food, water, and even air, how does that work? Do you want to sign that contract? What kind of protections do you have? Any?  It can make life hard on the worker, and this books certainly shows a number of ways for that to happen. I mention this book here because it raises questions for a space lawyer who likely hasn’t yet been born. Also, Jim is a space lawyer. Lastly, he has a really cool space simulator at newspacefiction.com.  Accordingly, Atlantis Ascending gets a Ground Based thumbs up!

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