Unified Agendas for NASA and the FAA

Today’s post will be remarkable for its brevity due to pecan tarts, geese, finding a festive bag for a large present, and other assorted activities related to, arising out of, and associated with the holidays.

Nonetheless, there is something of interest that came out in today’s Federal Register.  NASA’s Semiannual Regulatory Agenda appeared in today’s Federal Register and showcases a number of changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulations that it administers with the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration.  The Department of Transportation, which houses the Federal Aviation Administration, also published its agenda.  As DOT noted:

The Regulatory Agenda is a semiannual summary of all current and projected rulemakings, reviews of existing regulations, and completed actions of the Department. The intent of the Agenda is to provide the public with information about the Department of Transportation’s regulatory activity planned for the next 12 months. It is expected that this information will enable the public to more effectively participate in the Department’s regulatory process. The public is also invited to submit comments on any aspect of this Agenda.