Deadline Extended in FCC Satellite Rulemaking

If you are following the Federal Communications Commission’s rulemaking for Non-Geostationary, Fixed Satellite Service System and Related Matters, the FCC extended the deadline for reply comments on its proposal until April 10:

the International Bureau, pursuant to delegated authority,extends the deadline for reply comments to be filed in response to a NPRM concerning potential changes to the U.S. Table of Frequency Allocations contained in part 2 of the Commission’s rules and to part 25 of the Commission’s rules governing satellite communications. Interested parties will now have until April 10, 2017 to file reply comments.

Unlike the Federal Aviation Administration, the FCC regularly provides an extra comment period.  In the first comment period, any interested person may file comments on the agency’s notice of proposed rulemaking.  Then, all these interested persons go and read each others’ comments, are shocked and appalled or really like something they hadn’t thought of, and get another chance to comment to the FCC in reply to the first round of comments. Since some of them are competitors, this makes life interesting.