The FCC and Internet Freedom

The Federal Communications Commission released a notice of proposed rulemaking that is of regulatory, if not space law, interest.  The FCC

proposes to end the Commission’s public-utility regulation of the Internet and seeks comment on returning to the bipartisan, light-touch regulatory framework that saw the free and open Internet flourish prior to the 2015 adoption of the Commission’s Title II Order.  Specifically, the NPRM proposes to return broadband Internet access service to its classification as an information service, return the classification of mobile broadband to its classification as a private mobile service, and eliminate the Internet standard. The NPRM also seeks comment whether the Commission should keep, modify, or eliminate the bright-line rules set forth in the Title II Order.

The term “light-touch” does sound familiar to those of us following the progress of the debate on whether the United States must regulate all space activity.

Deadline:  Comments are due on or before July 17, 2017, and reply comments are due on or before August 16, 2017.