New Title: Far Flung

I have a new science fiction addition to the Book Tab:  Far Flung.  Although this novelette has been out for about a year, and contains no  space law per se, it does have maritime law, a certain amount of bureaucracy, and pirates.  Also, it’s chronologically the first title in my Ground Based universe for those who care about such things.  It comes before Manx Prize, a novel about orbital debris.  All of this allows me to rationalize mentioning it on my space law and policy blog.

Description:  In the very near future a seastead offers consumers a choice in governing systems. Navy Captain Adam Tenney’s daughter takes that offer, but what can he do for her when pirates threaten the seastead, the U.S. refuses to recognize it, and a desk job traps him on land?

Check it out!

About the Book Tab:  I like space law.  I like science fiction.  Except for my own Waking Late books, which are purest space opera, the books and stories in the Book Tab have some aspect of space law.  If someone who is not me wrote one of those books, you will find I have discussed its space law issues somewhere on my blog.